If you would like to build a home on your private property nothing beats a manufactured home. Our homes can be placed on any piece of private property whether it is in the city or in a county. Once you have a permit, no conventional house can be built faster. The total expense will be a minimum of 20% less, remember no need for expensive architects. We can help you with the entire process with our resources of contractors, perimeters and financing available to you.

Once you find a floor plan that suits your individual needs and lifestyle with the help of one of our qualified sales representatives, we will then send our contractors out to the site to create a bid on the construction of a permanent foundation, garage, utilities (if needed), well (if needed), sewer system (if needed), plot plan and the cost of permits. Once those numbers are compiled the finance department picks up and gets the customer’s loan in order, carrying it through to the end; from the appraisal, to the construction loan, to the take-out loan, all the way to the close of escrow.

What's UBC and HUD?
We now have UBC Modular built homes available that can provide for better financing than the “standard” HUD manufactured home financing. These homes are built to the Universal Building Code that governs conventional built homes. Although the difference in building standards between UBC and HUD are not obvious to the consumer the financing becomes much more competitive.

Building a UBC Modular home allows us to acquire appraisals based on site built homes, which allow for more flexible financing and better rates. We have several floor plans available that can be built UBC, should you require it.

If you are interested in a home on private property but do not have property yet, NuTrend Homes can assist you finding the right piece of property in the area you are interested in.