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Manufactured homes have the same life expectancy of 55 years as conventional stick built homes. Constructed to comply with the National Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards (HUD code), many of the regulatory standards for manufactured homes are higher than those for conventionally built homes.

NuTrend Homes knows the value of off-site construction and manufactured homes. Unlike conventional off-site built homes, where the weather determines completion date and the costs can range anywhere from 20% to 25% or more (higher depending on manufacturers and options), factory construction has no concern with weather, as it really has no relevance because all the work from the onset is done in a controlled factory environment, often times with a government inspector onsite.

Each area of the factories used is sectioned off; there is a section for plumbing, one for electrical work, one for off-line features, etc. As the home goes down the line of production every step is supervised and inspected, unlike conventional housing where there maybe only a handful of people working in a day and maybe an inspection every other week.


A testament to how well manufactured homes are built is the fact they travel down the highways at 60 miles per hour with little or no damage upon arrival to their destination and still pass all standards. Some of the standards of construction for the manufactured housing industry make our homes so well built and planned out.

Our 2x6 outside walls with R-19 insulation and R-38 in the ceilings, double-paned windows, cement-board siding, architectural shingles, plumbing material designed to withstand -95 degree temperatures, all of which make these homes extremely efficient, cutting down the use and cost of energy.

Today's manufacturers offer a wide range of amenities and architectural features to choose from that creates the ambiance and feeling of a conventionally built home. From the corian or granite counters and stainless steel appliance packages in the kitchens to wide open living rooms with columns and rock fireplaces, these homes are not the "trailers" of yesterday, yet are today's modern way of building a home suited for any lifestyle.