1599 Superior Ave. B-7 Costa Mesa, Ca. 92627

Sixty tons being hauled by three trucks passing you on the freeway at 55 miles per hour. Glancing quickly, you see a full gable roof line and through the plastic you see drywall, mahogany cabinets, crystal chandeliers and a huge roll of carpet. The undercarriage is a "Super Floor" being one all-steel-framed structure with 1-1/8-inch-thick tongue and groove wood floor. The rear window proudly displays a sign that reads "Another Off-Site Constructed Home brought to you by NuTrend Homes."

The world of manufactured homes (off-site factory constructed) has evolved from the days of paneling and metal to drywall and stucco, from 12 feet wide to 54 feet wide. Some of today's standards of construction in the manufactured home industry such as 2x6 walls with R-19 insulation, double-paned windows and cement-board siding are well above and beyond some site built-constructed homes. Cathedral ceilings, gourmet kitchens, pantries the size of bedrooms and "retreats" off the main bedroom where a mother of a two year-old can find home peace and quiet are all possible. Even two stories are available for those long, skinny lots by the beach or tree filled lots in the mountains.

The history of manufactured homes began with the commonly known phrase "trailers," which were constructed and brought to locations for the GIs returning from World War 11, who faced severe housing shortage. The "trailers" were hauled to a spot, unhitched from the truck, hooked up to electricity and water and became "Home Sweet Home." Today things are much different. These elegant homes become the focal point when placed in a planned community (mobile home park) and an estate when placed on a foundation on private property.

More than 1.4 million Californians live in nearly 645,000 manufactured homes. Manufactured housing is a significant portion of the California housing stock, representing about six percent of all new single-family homes sold each year.

During 2004, over 61,000 California families purchased a new or existing manufactured home. A recent survey of California manufactured homeowners revealed that 94% are satisfied with their homes and of these 85% plan to remain in their manufactured homes or purchase another one. What makes manufactured homes so favorable is the convenience and low price.